2018 Mini Stock Rules




Anyone involved in any type of accident/incident those results in any type of minor or major injury while on the racing premises must report such to the Race Director before exiting the Merced Speedway grounds in order to be eligible for insurance benefits (providing such member is physically able to make such a report).


  1. Any American/Foreign made automobile 2004 or older. Must remain strictly OEM. Must be unaltered OEM-appearing body. No convertibles or two seat sport cars. No 4 wheel drive. Maximum wheelbase 107 inches one inch from side to side. Rear wheel drive cars and Mini Trucks OK
  2. No rear view mirrors, No radios.
  3. No rear engine cars.
  4. No spoiler allowed. If OEM for year and make, it must be removed.
  5. Wheel well may be cut for tire clearance only. Subject to tech approval.
  6. Rear seat must be removed.
  7. Floor board covering such as carpeting, door panels, headliner, and insulation must be removed.

8.Doors must be welded shut.

  1. Stock hood latch must be removed, including safety latch. Hood will be secured by two (2) hood pins across front. Must maintain rear hinges.


  1. 3 OR 4 cylinder in line engines only. All engine components must be unaltered OEM for the year and model of car used. Must use OEM crank, rods, valves sizes, stoke, etc. No high performance or sports car engines of any kind.                                                                                                          Engine must remain stock in all aspects. No turbo charged, rotary engines super chargers or NO ENGINES UTILIZING VARIABLE CAM-TIMING. Example NO Honda VTEC etc.
  1. No changing computer chips.
  2. No aftermarket or performance ignitions allowed. Must remain stock.
  3. Aftermarket air filter in the stock box is OK. Cut out holes is OK in stock box. No aftermarket cold box filter.
  4. Fuel injection permitted, if car came originally as fuel injected. If equipped with electric fuel pump make sure pump is wired thru oil pressure switch. If vehicle is not equipped with switch, it must be added.
  5. Pump gas only. No Racing fuels or additives of any kind.
  6. Transmission and transaxle must remain stock and unmodified. No mini clutches or couplers.


  1. Catalytic converter may be removed. Exhaust pipe maximum of outside diameter must be 2”.
  2. Stock exhaust manifold only. No HEADERS. Exhaust must exit behind driver.
  3. No part of exhaust allowed in the driver compartment.
  4. Stock type muffler dimensions recommended. DBA must be 85 @100.


  1. The roll cage must be constructed of 1.5 or 1.75 inch outside diameter tubing with a minimum wall thickness of .095 inches. Six point cage required consisting of a four-point center section and two “kicker” bars from top of main cage to rear of car welded securely in trunk pan area. (Center section to consist of main roll bar with cross brace as close to floor as possible and cross brace shoulder high. A diagonal bar from bottom of driver’s side to top of passenger side is required. Halo bar must be above driver’s head with helmet on and buckled in to race. Front down posts must have bar between them above steering column in front of dash.) Minimum three door bars in driver’s side. Minimum of two in passenger door. Passenger door may not be gutted. No pipe in front of dash allowed. (Exception 1 bar may be welded between strut towers). No reinforcing of bumpers allowed. Hood latch must be disabled and quick pull pin installed. Hood must remain on stock hinges.
  2. All glass, plastic, rubber, stock seats, etc. must be removed except for stock dash and steering column, which must remain. Doors and hatch must be welded shut. THE ONLY METAL THAT MAY BE GUTTED IS THE DRIVERS DOOR. (Must be gutted for door bars.)
  3. Racing aluminum seat is required. A 3″ 5-point harness in good condition is required. Both must be mounted to tech inspector’s approval.
  4. SFI approved window net is required.
  5. SA 2000 full-face helmet required. Minimum single layer fire resistant suit required. Minimum single layer fire resistant gloves

and neck collar required. Fire resistant shoes recommended.


  1. Fire extinguisher mounted in steel bracket within reach of driver is required.
  2. Securely mounted screen and minimum 3, 1⁄2″ vertical bars in windshield area are required.
  3. The fuel system will remain stock provided the fuel tank is located between the car’s wheelbase. If the fuel tank’s stock location is behind the rear tires it must be relocated securely to the trunk area with a metal barrier placed between it and the driver’s compartment. A fuel shut off switch is required for electric fuel pump.

Other than a toggle switch and starter button, no other alterations may be made to wiring or ignition systems. No MSD of any kind.

  1. Two (2) throttle return springs are mandatory, and must be mounted to engine.
  2. Batteries may be relocated inside driver’s compartment. Must be mounted securely and covered in rubber.
  3. Roll cage must be padded where drivers head may make contact.
  4. Radiator support maybe reinforced with a 1inch round or square tubing, one bar across top of radiator and down each side of radiator. Additional bar maybe added to each down bar angled back to frame, ALL BARS MUST STAY IN FRONT OF ENGINE
  5. All cars must have front and rear bumper, And a cable or chain for a tow strap




  1. Suspension and frame must remain stock and unmodified.
  2. No racing equipment.
  3. Stock shocks must be used in stock location with stock mounts.
  4. No locking of rear ends on rear drive cars or trucks.
  5. Spring rubbers may be added.
  6. No weight jacks.
  7. Brakes must be steel unaltered, OEM operative, four wheel disc or drum brakes. No brake shut off or bias adjuster. Steel brake lines only.
  8. Right front oversize lugs required, recommender for all four wheels.
  9. Steel wheels only.
  10. Wheel spacers are not allowed. Racing wheels OK
  11. Tire sizes per year and model ONLY 13” 14” NO 15” RIMS OR TIRES. NO stagger. Fronts tires must be the same size. Rear tires must be the same size, may be different than the fronts. Trucks will be allowed to run tires and wheel sizes per year and model.
  12. Tires must be DOT street radials-OEM style- with maximum 7″ tread width.
  13. No recaps, no stud or all terrain lug tires allowed.
  14. No grooving, sipping, chemical treatment/softening or wheel screws.



  1. The intent of this division is to take a 3 or 4 cylinder car off the street, strip stock seats, glass, etc, install roll cage, seat, belts and window net and go have fun. Any other idea that you have should be forgotten. This is intended to be a VERY cheap way for people to get into a race car.
  2. OFFICIALS DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Any part or alteration deemed by track officials to enhance performance will not be allowed.


  1. All cars must be neatly and brightly painted.
  2. All cars will display a one (1) or two (2) digit number series (0-99).
  3. No duplicate numbers allowed. 2012 competitors have to right to keep their number from last year. All other will be first come first served.
  4. Car number will be 18” tall placed neatly on both doors and roof.
  5. A 10” letter following the number is required on the roof only.
  6. Advertising that is deemed unsuitable/offensive will not be allowed. 


  1. All cars are subject to inspection by Merced Speedway officials at any time and in any manner determined by track officials.
  2. Competitor must take whatever steps requested by the track official, including tear down of the car, to facilitate inspection of the car.


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events and participating in these events., all participates and deemed to have compiled with these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PIUBLICATION OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or a official. The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviations from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.